Interested in Making a Difference and Making Money??

Pd Market Research is seeking consumers opinions on various cosmetics products.

Please take a moment to fill in this pre-screening. If you meet the initial criteria for this study they will contact you by phone to complete the screening process. If you qualify and complete this study you will be offered an incentive of $60.00


  • Women
  • 18-55 years of age
  • Have and show an ID
  • Willing and available to visit the facility in Coral Springs (pickup and drop off products)
  • Complete a final survey

Screening Link:

Take the survey below to see if you qualify.


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Hi everyone! My name is Ruta! I'm guessing you are wondering where my name comes from, right? It's pretty odd I know! I am originally from Lithuania but have been in the USA for about 12 years. I currently reside in Florida, the sunshine state. I am in my early twenties and just graduated from a university with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Advertising. Ever since I was a little girl I have been very interested in fashion, beauty, and makeup. As I grew older, I also became intrigued by traveling and cooking. This is what this blog is all about. I want to share my trial and errors and hopefully help others by learning new things, or maybe just encouraging to try out things you normally wouldn't. I hope you enjoy this blog, because I sure enjoy crafting every single blog article. To keep up to date with the latest posts, please subscribe. XOXO Ruta.

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