New makeup HEAVEN! | Review


Yesterday was the best day ever! I happened to stop by Sephora whileĀ I was down at Coconut Point. Let me tell you, this Sephora is huge!!! They have every single brand that you could image in the actual store. In a couple of weeks they will be getting the whole Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup collection…I am so excited to be able to actually try out the lipsticks before buying them and figuring it that the color is not the right shade for me! It really is the small things in life that make us happy right? šŸ™‚

I picked up a few items that I have been dying to try out!! The DR. Jart+ Blackhead Strips, theĀ First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy, Anastasia lipstick, the Ultra HD foundation and the GLOW KIT (I have been in obsessed withĀ this bad boy ever since I got it)!!! I have to say I am loving every single product that I bought! I am really really pleasantly impressed since I tend to be picky! Below is the little breakdown of the product, how I use it and if you click on the picture, you will be taken to a link where you can purchase them.

  • DR. Jart+Ā Pore Master Patch


These blackhead strips are everything! I have had issues with really stubborn blackheads on my nose and chin ever since I was a teenager. No product seemed to be able to help me until I found these babies! Oh my gosh! They are perfect. In each pack there are 2 strips. One is for the actual blackheads and the other is for minimizing the clean pores. Use these after you take a long shower (this opens up the pores), places the strip on your nose, let it dry for about 10 minutes and peel off. Peel this off really slowly from the side and try to pull up towards your eyebrows. They are quite pricey but totally worth it!

  • First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy (Light/Medium)

s1600162-main-heroI have been looking for some kind of product for underneath my eyes for ages. I tend to have puffy eyes and bags under them no matter how much rest I get. This cream and applicator is amazing! It has a tint to it which brightens the eyes on top of the other ingredients which depuff’s the eye. The best part of this is the roller which is always super cold! So much faster and convenient than using a cold spoon which does the same trick (awakes the eye).


  • Anastasia Beverly HillsĀ Liquid Lipstick (American Doll)

s1786870-main-heroI have been a hard ride or die fan for the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks but this may have beat that! The consistency and texture of this is beautiful! It feels so nice on the lips and really doesn’t dry out! The best part of this lipstick is the pigmentation. With Kat Von D lipsticks, you have to reapply about three timeĀ to have an even colored shade, but with this lipstick, it just takes one time! I am really excited to try out the other colors!


  • Make Up Forever Ultra HDĀ Invisible Cover Stick Foundation (125)

s1713189-main-heroCould this replace my current holy grail foundation? It very well could! I love full coverage foundations and this is absolutely that! It is very velvety and pigmented which is the perfect combo! If you have any imperfections to hide, this may be the best product for you! I love how creamy it is because very little gets sucked up by the brush when blending it out. Really outstanding product. If you want to do cream contouring, this is probably the easiest product to use. Just pick up a shade darker than your actual shade and apply on the cheekbones, underneath the jaw and by the hairline on your forehead and blend it out!

  • Anastasia Beverly HillsĀ Glow Kit (Gleam)

s1790617-main-heroI have been so excited to try these highlighters out and boy am I in love?!??!?! This is about 40 dollars, which is the biggest bang for your buck. You get four different shades which you can use depending on the look you are going for or based on how tan/pale you are. I did purchase the gleam kit (this is for lighter skin types) and ahh these highlighters are so beautiful! They are so creamy and blend in so seamlessly on the skin. This palette is very versatile as well, you can use this for eye shadows too! Woop woop! Now IĀ don’t need to buy any sparkly eye shadows! Also, a huge bonus for this palette is the fact that the pods inside are replaceable. If you use one up or want to switch out for a different color, you sure can instead of having to buy a whole new kit.

I would say my shopping spree was successful! Have you ever tried any of these products out? Did you love them? Comment below and please subscribe!

XOXO, Ruta.


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