Spring in Barcelona, España!

About a week ago I took a trip with my family to Barcelona in order to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday! What a beautiful reason to travel out of the country and explore!

I was there for three full days, which speaking from experience, is plenty of time to explore a city the size of Barcelona. I did a lot of planning beforehand and narrowed down my list to what I wanted to see and do. As always, you can’t see everything in one go, which trust me, I am not complaining about. I will take any reason to go back to Barcelona! It is such a charming city that combines old and new so exquisitely.

Without any further ado, here are the must see’s and do’s in Barcelona.

Montserrat Mountains & Monastery:

This may have been my favorite part of the trip. I have never seen mountains that were so unique in shape and color. The Montserrat Mountains are made out of a sedimentary rock called pink conglomerate, which is what creates this uncommon appearance. Now let me tell you that this mountain is no joke. The highest point of it is 1,236 meters above sea level and we took a little train all the way to the top. I was literally walking in the clouds. Two other sights to explore up there are the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey church and the “Steps to Heaven”.

Las Ramblas:

This is the most famous strip in Barcelona. It is hustlin’ and bustlin’ from morning to night time. The street is full of shops, restaurants, bars and of course, tourists. It is great for shopping and just taking in the culture of Barcelona. Walk around, buy some souvenirs and have a couple of drinks. If you’ve had some drinks, don’t be afraid of the street performers! They are awesome!! Drop some money in their bins and see what they do!

**I would not suggest eating here because it does lack authenticity and you are sure to get a very mediocre meal. Try venturing out of the way to find mom and pop restaurants to try real Spanish paellas and sangria.


El Molino:

Oh my lanta is this Burlesque Bar a blast!! I seriously had the time of my life! You can buy one ticket, which is 33 euros or two tickets for 50 euros. If you buy the two people deal, you also get a bottle of champagne, plus the show. You really can’t beat that. The show is passionate/ funny/ engaging and just over all so special! This was my first time seeing a show like this so I was excited to begin with, but the greatest thing of all is that I ended up getting pulled on stage, by two hunky lumberjack men. It was HILARIOUS! It was basically a scene out of Magic Mike… I will leave it at that. It is for-sure great entertainment for a night out in Barcelona.



Ah, this place is so surreal. The overall location is technically a hill but everything on it is to die for. The main place here is Palau Nacional which hosts the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Even if you do not want to go inside of the museum, the outside of this palace is magnificent. When you climb all the way up to the top of the stairs, you can see the whole city of Barcelona and the mountains behind it. Breathtaking….that is the only way to describe that. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, do approach the man with the spray painted pigeons, you will not regret it! He has trained them to not be afraid of humans so you can take pictures with them! Quite the experience. 

Olympic Stadium:

If you’re a history buff and love sports, this is the location for you and even if you’re not, it’s wonderful to visit a site with so much history and character! This stadium was used for the 1992 summer Olympics and is used for sports/music events to this day. There is a beautiful area where you can walk around and some tables where you can enjoy lunch. You are welcome to bring your pets here to play as well, plenty of grass for them.

Windsor Restaurant:

We really did not go out to eat much but from the places we visited, this was the best. There was a mix up with the reservations but the staff was so professional and accommodating that they set up a private room for us. Everything we orders was superb! The lamb, the chicken, the fish, the calamari…everything! All of the ingredients were extremely fresh and cooked perfectly. And the deserts? Don’t even get me started!! I had chocolate ravioli with chocolate on top…soo delicious.

Camp Nou:

My dad has been a soccer coach his whole life so this trip destination was for him and he loved it!! Soccer has been in my life ever since I was born. Although I never played it, I do enjoy watching the big games. This was a fun excursion for me too! To be in that massive field and walk around where truly talented men play the sport was really cool. They also have a museum part with tons and tons of trophies, old/new gear and memorabilia. It was very interesting to walk around and see how the sport has evolved and changed and especially how well the Barca team has done over the years. A must see for sure!

La Sagrada Familia:

Now I am into more traditional and Renaissance churches but this one is quite out of the ordinary. So this is the church that many of you have heard about, its almost like an ongoing joke on how relaxed the Spanish are. This church was designed by Antoni Gaudí and the construction began in 1882. If you aren’t aware, its now 2016 and the church is still not finished. It’s been 132 years. The church itself is extraordinary, just like everything else that Gaudí designed. It looks like a sand castle with extremely intricate colors and designs on the tops of the towers. It is really an interesting interpretation of Gothic architecture.


Platja de la Mar Bella:

Even though it was cold, we did decide to stay on the beach. Our apartment overlooked the water and it was so breathtaking to wake up and watch the sunset every morning. We did venture to the actual beach to stroll around and it was great. The actual beach sand is clean and soft. There is a skate park nearby which was very interesting to observe. I am sure that during the hot months this beach is full of all different types of people, activities and cafes.



Overall, I really did enjoy Barcelona and everything that it has to offer. It has a great nightlife scene, superb food and beautiful scenery. What else could you want? I did enjoy visiting during the spring, even though it was chilly, there weren’t a crazy amount of tourists and I finally was reminded of how gorgeous Spring is. There were blossoming flowers and little leaves sprouting on trees. Really quite the sight!


Have you ever been to Barcelona/ do you live there? Did I miss out on anything that is special? Let me know in the comments below!



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