Custom Z-Palette (ABH, MAC and Makeup Geek) | Review

Look at my baby! A work in progress for sure but my beautiful is coming along nicely. I love having all of my favorite colors in one clean and organized palette. It is just so much more convenient than having to reach for five different palettes. Also, this is extremely travel friendly! No more overpacking! Woohoo!

My go to looks are fairly light and warm toned, so as you can see, my palette is mostly those colors, with the exception of a couple, which are there to push me out of my comfort zone.

1st row (left to right):

  • Mac shadow in Nylon $6

A very white and frosty highlight. Amazing for inner corners of the eye and underneath the brow.

  • Makeup Geek shadow in Rapunzel $6

A very neutral and shimmery highlight. If you are going for a warmer toned look, this is the perfect highlight.

  • Makeup Geek shadow in Creme Brulee $6

The best transition color! A very light and warm toned brown. Absolutely matte.

  • Makeup Geek shadow in Frappe $6

A slightly darker version of Creme Brulee. This is a light and warm toned brown with a hint of shimmer. Also perfect as a transition color.

2nd row (left to right):

  • Makeup Geek shadow in Homecoming $6

A cool toned, shimmery shadow. I would say this is a medium brown with gold specs. Beautiful for all over the lid. Can be daytime and nighttime appropriate.

  • Makeup Geek Foiled shadow in Grandstand $10

A rose gold with taupe undertones. Unbelievably gorgeous! Since this is a foiled shadow, it is extremely pigmented and looks metallic on the lid.

  • MAC shadow in Amber Lights $6

A shimmery gold. It almost has a soft orange undertone. Very warm and very pigmented. To die for as an all over lid color. Also looks great in the inner corner of the eye.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills in Henna $12

This color is life. A burnt coppery is how I would describe it. It is very out of my comfort zone, but so worth it. A highly pigmented, foiled shadow. So easy to blend, but also really easy to create a cut crease with.

3rd row

  • Makeup Geek shadow in Cherry Cola $6

A very warm brown with red/mauve undertones. Extremely matte and such a creamy consistency. Can be shear or extremely pigmented, depending on how much you pick up on your brush.


Here are the swatches of each color (in the order they show up in the palette).

Exciting news! Most of MAC shadows are $6 a pop, which is an amazing color for that quality! Just ordered some more shadows to fill this baby! Be on the lookout for the swatches!

What are your staple colors?




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