Express Clothing Haul (Fall Essentials)!!

I am so excited for the fall season finally approaching us here in Florida. It’s finally starting to get a little chilly so I figured it was acceptable to spend some moola and invest into some cute fall essentials.

Express is my absolute favorite store in the world and actually has been for many, many years. I am not going to lie, it is quite pricey, but the materials and durability is like no other brand. I have always believed that it’s better to invest more money into clothing that will last a long time (basically until you are ready to reinvent your image). I usually end up buying essentials here so that I can re wear them and reuse them for many different occasions. Of course I sometimes stray and just buy really cute pieces for special events.

Express  began its journey in 2001 and has been going strong for 15 years now. In 2007 it became an independently  owned company and I really believe this is when the company really flourished. Today Express is known as the biggest, specialty brand in the world. It’s main focus is on classy, work attire but the company has expanded into undergarments, active wear, party and casual wear as well as accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, scarfs, stocking, socks, ties and so on).

Every time they have a 40% off sale, I tend to get a little crazy and buy the whole store! This time around I only spent $250! HAHA, only! Here is what I got and what I thought about it.



This is a beautiful necklace but just wasn’t for me. If you’re into chokers, you will score with this one. It’s made beautifully, with really high quality materials. The gold chain looks super real and the rhinestones are very petite but shiny.



I am so in love with this piece! It’s classy, fancy and so grungy but fabulous! Ugh dresses up any simple outfit and makes it looks flawless. It’s quite heavy but that is what makes it so sturdy and amazing.



Yes, just yes. I love off the shoulder tops and this has the choker attached which gives it such an edgy look. It is quite short so even with a high wasted pant,  your stomach shows a tad. I love how this fabric feels on my skin, its super light and soft so the rising up doesn’t bother me so much. I just adjust it when it strays.

Now this dress looks beautiful on the model so I was really excited to get this for a wedding I was attending. Unfortunately, it is sized very weirdly. I am usually a size 0 or a double 0 so I went ahead and ordered the 0 to stay on the safe side. This fit extremely well everywhere but my bust. This was strange to me because I am very small chested, so for a 0 sized dress to be too small for my small bust was really awkward. I was really unhappy. Other than that, the dress fit like a glove. It was the perfect fabric that gives you a nice shape and it was the perfect length. BUMMER. I ended up returning this.


One of my favorite sweaters of all time. So soft and comfortable. I love wearing this with a pair of leggings for a really relaxed outfit. I am obsessed with the way that I can pull it off my shoulder and be more riskay ;D

I actually got this in black but I am in love. This fabric is really stretchy so it wears really comfortably. I am addicted to turtle necks to begin with but this ads a nice touch of asymmetry and uniqueness. It pairs perfect with the dramatic chocker that I also bought.

Literally a dream. I have been wearing this everyday, non stop for weeks. I feel like I am in the middle of a cloud just lounging. Very soft, very fuzzy, very warm. It goes with every outfit too. I will be wearing this down to nothing very fast lol


Have you shopped at Express? What are your thoughts on this brand? Any suggestions for me?

XOXO, Rutele.


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