A Magical 48 Hours in Islamorada, Florida

After months and months of busy schedules, hard work and barely any down time, my boyfriend and I decided to spoil ourselves a little by going away for a couple of days. We chose to switch up our scenery and drive down about 4 hours to our final destination of Islamorada. It was quite the drive for a few days, but man was it worth it.

We stayed at the Pelican Cove which was superb. It was modern, clean and the staff was extremely friendly. Since it’s not quite season yet, the have a Florida resident special, which gives you about 20% off your stay. I booked a room with a king sized bed and most importantly, a beach view. This is my first beach view hotel room and it was absolutely worth the money. I awoke that morning around 6 AM and was pleasantly greeted by the sunrise. Ugh it was beyond gorgeous. Here are some pictures of the sunrise and the view from our window during the day time.


Skipping back to the evening when we arrived, after checking into the hotel we were quite hungry. A four hour drive will do that to you. We ended up choosing an Italian cuisine restaurant called the Ciao Hound. It was in walking distance from out hotel and was TOGO friendly. A winner in  my books. We got a TOGO and ate in bed. Now that’s a vacation. I ordered the Lobster Ravioli and Peter ordered the fish of the day which was Snapper. Of course we also got some Cannolis, because why not? It’s a vacation. The food was great and it did the job quite well for curing hunger. Peter had  a beer while waiting for the food, which I am sure was good, but the Sangria that I ordered was really eh. It was a premixed concoction that tasted like it came out of cardboard box that was bought at the store.

The following morning we woke up and got some breakfast at the hotel (complimentary baby). It was quite simple and really light. An egg, some yogurt and fruit. Of course I had some coffee and juice to help me wake up. After eating we packed our stuff up and checked out and even though we checked out, the hotel let us keep the wrist bands and hotel cards for as long as we wanted to. This allowed us to stay on the hotel property, which gave us a ton of activity options for the day.

We started out with a kayak trip. There was a little too much wind for the paddle boards, but honestly this was all free, so we were not being super picky. The kayaking trip lasted about three hours and we kayaked from the Atlantic ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This was super neat and the weather was perfect to be honest. A little breezy and chilly but the sun warmed us up just enough to feel really comfortable. I even burnt my legs a little lol. Peter kayaked most of the time so I had the chance to take tons of pictures and a chance to really enjoy the nature. We made a deal to leave our phones in the bags or the car so that we could really get away from everything and live in the moment for once. This is what really made the trip special. Just sitting in silence, within the mangroves or just letting the current drift your kayak while you relax and take in the scenery is really spectacular. We are always in such a rush that we forget to take a minute and enjoy what we are really doing. Here are some pictures from this adventure.

After kayaking back, we were so tired and famished. After a drink at the bar, the hammock was calling our names. We laid out for a little bit, talked, laughed and explored the rocks right by us. It was really calm and relaxed hour.


After this we got  changed and headed over to Robbie’s. If you have never been to Robbie’s, you have been missing out so badly. It’s a marina where you can feed there massive Tarpon. It’s an experience like quite no other. The Tarpon seemed to be pretty full this time of day but the pelicans did not. I have never seen pelicans so aggressive. Literally just kept snatching the fish up before the tarpon could. All in all, this was Peter’s first time and he really enjoyed just seeing & feeding the massive tarpon.


Peter has been obsessed with the Netflix show called Blood Line which is filmed in the Keys and we were interested in exploring where this actually takes place. The local bartender kind of gave us some directions on how to get there but we didn’t really feel like trespassing so we just explored where we could. I think we pretty much stumbled upon the beach close to where they film and it was one of the most beautiful beaches in the Keys. It was very calm, very private and very serene.


This adventure called for a beer. The local bartender recommended that we check out the only local brewery called The Florida Keys Brewing Co (really original lol). The beer was awesome from what Peter told me and the atmosphere was really fun. It was a very open facility, you  could even explore the brewing room. We sat down and played a couple rounds of checkers while he finished his beer. It definitely brought me back to my youth! I haven’t played checkers for years!

The last stop on our vacation before heading home was Chef Michael’s and oh my gawd….this was one of the best meals that I have ever had. I actually, for the first time in my life, tried escargot and I loved it!! It was so delicious. The food here was so fresh. Peter and I both ended up going with two fish dishes. He ordered the hogfish and I ordered the snapper. Seriously such an amazing meal. No wonder this has 4.8 stars on Google. If you love seafood and fresh seafood to be exact, make sure you stop by here. I wish I had pictures to share from the meal but Peter and I had a no phone policy the whole weekend, and it would have been awkward to whip out my DSLR camera and start snapping pictures. Just trust my word of mouth review here lol


This trip was so necessary and so rewarding in so many ways. I am beyond grateful what we could get away and really enjoy each other and the beautiful Florida weather.


Have you ever been to the Keys? What is your favorite vacation get away spot?

XOXO, Rutele!

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