Fumée de Fleur Photoshoot

Hi baby cakes :*

I hope that everyone is doing very well, unlike me who has been sick for weeks! Yikes! Here is a little glimpse into the shoot with smoke bombs! I ended buying 3 minute/ 3 color jumbo ones and they were amazing. I am sure you can get them at any local firework store or online on Amazon (the much cheaper version).

Do check out my friend Zach’s and also Tabi’s Instagram pages. Both are really amazing as humans as well as photographers!!

Location: Naples, Florida

Make up: Ruta Bauzaite (me)

Male Model: Zach Whittington 

Photographer: Tabitha Mariana Photography




If you want to see how to get this makeup look, watch the video below! :*


XOXO, Rutele!


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