Barnyard Yoga with Goats

Hello my beautifuls,

Ah this may have been the best day of my life! A couple of Sundays ago I attended this amazing yoga session out on a goat farm. It was about a 30 minute drive from where I live but worth every minute.

The place is called BarnYard Yoga and this is their FaceBook page in case you are in the area (Lehigh) and want to sign up. One spot is $20 dollars and they usually hold this every Sunday.

What to Expect:

You are encouraged to show up an hour before the set yoga session time (6PM), but it is up to you when you want to show up. This hour is basically for getting to know the goats. You can play with them, feed them, hold them, take pictures with them and just fall in love in general.

The goats range in age from little month old goats (they smelled like milk and were literally the softest thing I have ever touched) to older and mature goats.

The GPS will most likely take you to a closed gate that says do not trespass, both my Siri and Google Maps did that. Pull out of there and drive to the next street over. You will see an open gate with a winding road to a huge Old Style Florida house.

This property is absolutely gorgeous.

You can park anywhere on the grass. Once you park, walk on over to the check in table. Check in, get your bag of food and roam around.

Now the bigger goats tend to stay in the fenced in area where the actual yoga takes place. The cuter and smaller goats are roaming around free outside where the check in is. The little baby goats are much nicer and a lot more playful while the older goats can be a tad sassy. There will always be a leader that kind of runs the show so they keep that away at first.

When I say these goats are hilarious, I really mean there is no way to not laugh at them. They play around with each other, nibble on everything, head butt you and jump around all over the place. It is so cute. The smaller babies totally love to be held and scratched. Watch the video below!

Once your hour with the cutie pies is done, you will move into the fenced in area and set up for the yoga. Beware, the bigger goats are here and they are hungryyy! Once they have enough food, they mellow out and just kind of graze all over the place.

The yoga itself is pretty much beginner and very easy. It’s a light class that focuses mainly on breathing. Even though I would have liked to be pushed more, they do time it with the sunset and right now the weather is beyond amazing so that whole not doing enough work is not even a negative at this point. You really don’t even have to do yoga, you can just hang out on your mat and play with the goats that come around. It is completely up to you.My Thoughts:

The only negative that I can think of was the fact that anyone who did not purchase a ticket is not allowed to stay and wait for the yoga to be over.

Overall, this was worth my money, it was worth my time and was really a superb experience. I really do love goats and playing with them and interacting with them was really beyond anything that I could have imagined.

I give this place a huge thumbs up and I will be coming back for more sessions.

XOXO, Rutele.

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