NEW Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liners (Swatches/Demo/Review) | Rutele


This may have been the most awaited product ever for me. I am obsessed with Kat Von D. If you have watched my channel or read my blog, most of my holy grail products come from her. Her contour palette, her liquid lipsticks, and her tattoo liner are absolutely perfect and when I found out she was coming out with lip liners I think I died, went to heaven and came back to life just in time to order some.

If you want to watch these live in action, click the play button below, but if you want to read about it, scroll on down 🙂

Like I mentioned before these are brand spanking new. There are 30 shades, some are new colors and some are matched with her most popular liquid lipstick shades (Lolita, Vampira, and Bow n Arrow just to name a few). The formula claims to be a “24-hour, water-resistant wear with truly weightless color for super-comfy long wear”.

I ordered 5 shades: Swanly, Kevvy, Smiths, Outlaw and Misfit.


Swanly is nude colored. This is meant to be a concealer type of liner for fixing mistakes.

Kevvy is a very light peachy nude.

Smiths is a very coraly pink.

Outlaw is a brick red with an orange hue.

Misfit is a pure scarlet, a true red in my opinion.


Out of the 5 shades, I am in love with Swanly the most. I think this is an amazing item to have in your kit. You no longer need concealer or a brush to fix your mistakes, just whip this bad boy out and cut those edges like a pro. I also really love Smiths and Misfit. Those flatter my skin tone the most.



-You can either line your lips right where the lip meets your skin or you can line just outside of your natural lip line to give you more of a pout.
-Always apply using upward strokes.
-You can use this to just line your lips or apply all over. You can also apply a liquid lipstick on top for a really long wear which will take years to scrub off. LOL


The formula is so creamy, so pigmented and oh so beautiful. It applies like a dream and is very comfortable on my lips. It wore for a very long time because of how matte it dries down which is perfect! I am so madly in love with the shades. As always you can count on Kat for delivering some crazy and funky colors! My only negative is the price vs the amount of product you actually get. These sell for $18 dollars and you get .25 grams of product. Just to give you an idea, you can buy a MAC lipliner for $21 and get 1.45 grams of product. To me that is a huge downfall especially because I love the formula so much. Personally I do not make enough money to continuously replenish my supply of these which is a bummer. I’d wear these on my lips everyday if I could.

You can purchase them at Sephora or the Kat Von D site.

Have you tried these out??? Let me know what your thoughts are!


XOXO, Rutele!


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