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Happy Almost Friday!

Today I am trying out the Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Tenant eyeshadow palette. It has some pinks, some blues and some greens so I was extremely excited when I ran into this palette at the store. I just had to get it and test it out! I am always on the hunt for some good bright shadows. Did I love this palette or hate it?

If you want to watch this in action, watch the video below. If you’d like to read about it, scroll on down. ;D


This is what the outside of the palette looks like. The art work belongs to Jean Michel Basquiat whose work focused on abstraction and figuration. It’s were graffiti and pop art combined into one. This definitely is one of the most unique palettes I have ever seen.  I actually really love the little black crown on the opening part of the this palette.


Inside you can see the row of 8 shadows. The first two are matte, the second two are slight shimmers, the greens are metallic and the blues are matte.


Here are the swatches on my arm. As you can see, the color Studio doesn’t serve too much pigment so its perfect to set the lid after priming it. 1960 is a nice pink color, it does not show up as bright as it does in the palette which is actually a relief to me. I hate bring pink!! You can absolutely build it up to that if you would look though. Neo is supposed to be a deep purple but barely has any pigment and is extremely patchy. I had the hardest time making the color show up and blend out. Same thing goes for Les which is a slight shimmer black that comes out charcoal. Sooooo patchy and so hard to blend out. Graffiti is probably my favorite color in this palette because its so rich in pigment. It is a shimmer but it is extremely buttery and blends like a dream. Same goes for the color Exu. This one is very pigmented and shows up just like in the palette. Boom and Untitled are also very pigmented and buttery.


My Thoughts:

Man oh man. I hate the purple and the black so much that it makes me very unhappy with the whole damn palette. I was so excited but I was let down wayyy hard. Studio and 1960 are decent. The greens and the blues are the real deal in here and I just for those colors want to keep the palette (although I just get super angry while looking at the crappy shadows next to them). I really wanted to be in love with this palette but I just can’t be. If I did not get the huge discounts on this, I would absolutely not keep the palette. In today’s make up industry I am not sure how companies are still releasing something of this quality…It really just makes me angry and pissed off. Each shadow is worth about $6.13 so to save your some time and disappointment, order similar colors from Makeup Geek. You won’t be let down.

If you still want to purchase this for a whopping $49 dollars, feel free. You may get a better quality palette than me! Who knows!

You can purchase this at Ulta or Sephora.


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