NuSkin NuColour Light Shine Curl and Lash Mascara Review | Rutele

Hola! I mentioned this product in one of my recent videos and I just wanted to do a written post to go with the video and really share my final thoughts. If you want to see me try this on, give the video a whirl! Scroll on down for the written review… A subscriber of mine, Lindsey Johnston, reached out to me about trying this mascara and me being me, I said HELLL YA! Send it my way! I love trying out new products. So I will say I straight up assumed I would be getting a small sample of this, but nope, she sent me the full sized product! Lindsey, you are amazing and I want to really thank you! This is what the packaging looks like. I actually do appreciate the packaging because it’s very simplistic and minimalistic, which are two of my favorite things. img_0196 This is what the wand looks like. It reminds me a little bit of the Two Faced Better Than Sex wand. It kind of dips inward in the middle. The formula of the actual mascara is quite interesting and I have not used anything close to it. It’s reallllly black which is great but its more of a shiny finish vs a matte finish that alll the other mascaras I have used have. img_0198

How To Use:

Pull the wand out, wipe off access product on the edges and apply the mascara from root to tip. If the lashes are not separated enough, repeat the sweeping motion. Reapply as desired.

My Thoughts:

This is amazing for blending your lashes in with falsies because of how black it is! I actually also enjoy the shininess of it! That is something unique to me and I like uniqueness. As for removal, this is semi difficult to remove, it doesn’t just swipe off with a makeup wipe but a makeup oil takes care of the job! Which is typical for a long lasting mascara. Over all, I do actually really like this mascara. If you would like to purchase this, you can go and visit Lindsey’s site. The mascara originally is $29 dollars but she will be giving a $5 discount to my subscribers! Yay 😀 If you have tried this, let me know how you feel about it!! :* SOCIALS↡ INSTA:


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