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Hi my loves! Ever since I received my first sample of the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain product I have been obsessed. It was pigmented, opaque and so long lasting. I wanted to test out more of the collection and bring to you my thoughts! Are they comparable to higher end lipsticks? Are they better? Are they long wearing? Find out by watching the video below or scroll on down for a written review! I tried out 5 different shades: 01 Always Red, 04 Coral Crush, 10 Mandarin Muse, 35 Bohemian Purple, and 44 Purple Sunset. Here are all of the swatches on my arm. IMG_0632 Like I mentioned above, I started out with the shade Always Red and fell in loveeee. It went on so smoothly, was super opaque, no patchiness, no dryness, and did not flake much throughout the day. It lasted all day long even when I was in a “shoveling food” stage. Just one of those days where I literally ate all day long and the lipstick barely moved. IMG_0635 Morning: IMG_0259 After 9 hours: IMG_0263 After that success, I decided to buy some more shades and test them out for you guys. The next color that I tried was Coral Crush. I really wanted to love this one…ugh so sad about it because the color is amazing! It looks so pretty with my skin tone and I was so in love but the formula was different from the others. This one feels more whipped and creamy vs liquid. It went on super patchy, I had to reapply a couple times and even then the color was not smooth. Since I had to apply so much product it was very flaky and cracked all over. I hated it so much that I had to wipe it off only an hour after applying. IMG_0535 IMG_0543 The next color I tried out was Mandarin Muse. This one I really wanted to love as well but had the same problem as Coral Crush. Not very happy with it at all. The picture below is the only one that I took while wearing it out but by two hours into wearing it, I was dying to take it off. It does look very pretty and I had a lot of questions on what the lipstick was but the color alone was not enough for me to praise it. IMG_0354 This next color is one of my favorite and I have gotten numerous questions and compliments every time that I wear it. It’s not your typical lip color but its formulated in such a way that it doesn’t look crazy and I can pull it off on a daily basis. It is called Bohemian Purple. Just like the red liquid lipstick, this is a liquid formula so it applies smoothly and evenly. It also lasts a very long time which is a huge plus for me. IMG_0552 This is my all time favorite from the collection. This one is called Purple Sunset and it  makes my dark vampy soul oh so happy. It is liquid as well and applies beautifully. It does not dry out my lips any more than my other liquid lipsticks and its such a unique color. I LOVE IT!! IMG_0732


I really wanted to try these and say OMG these are the best liquid lipsticks ever and so affordable, GO BUY THEM, but that was not my reaction. They are too all over the place with the formula. Seems like the deeper and darker colors are much better so if you want to snag some of those, I am giving you a huge thumbs up! They are fairly affordable, costing you $14 versus the usual price of $20 for most of my favorite liquid lipsticks. I would suggest that you do try them out, you could like them more than me, it’s all about your preference. You can purchase these here. Hope you enjoyed this review!! SOCIALS↡ INSTA:


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