Powder Contouring 101 | Rutele

This has been the number one question I have been getting from people around me for a couple of years now…basically since I got really into makeup! Contouring is always something that people are seriously afraid of!

I decided to start a little series on my channel called 101 which will be breaking down the steps of makeup application that people tend to be intimidated by! I already did my cream contouring routine if you would like to check it out, I will link it below.

Today I will be focusing on powder contouring, which is more achievable for many of my beginner friends! Hopefully I explained enough on how the process works!

As mentioned in the video, I am using the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette. If you have any kind of cool toned bronzer, you can use that or even a warm toned lighter bronzer will work. Listed below will be the Kat Von D Palette and cheaper alternatives. 🙂

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

Sephora Collection Contour Palette

NYX Cosmetics Highlight and Contour Pro Palette

Hope you enjoy and subscribe to my channel for all of the other scares that I will be breaking down 🙂

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XOXO, Rutele.


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