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Hi my loves,

Traveling, as many of you may already know, is one of  my biggest passions. It revives my soul, always has a way of putting my life into perspective and just brings so much joy and peace into my being. It has a way of rounding you as a person and shaping you into the best version of yourself. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to make enough money to travel to some of the worlds most beautiful places and you best believe that I am not stopping anytime soon.


With so many positives to traveling, could there really be any negatives? Um yes, but only one. It gets EXPENSIVE…some places more than others but even in cheap destinations, the bills rack up. Would I trade those piles of money for my experiences? Absolutely not, but if you can save some money here and there, why wouldn’t you?


The most expensive thing while traveling tends to be the lodging. You can choose to stay in hotels, rent houses, rent private rooms in homes or hostels. In my opinion and based off of personal experiences,  hotels really do not hesitate to over charge you. They will break your arm and your leg before you get a good deal. Very rarely do I book hotel rooms, those are basically reserved for emergency situations only, like literally when nothing else is available and my only other choice is to sleep outside. I am also not a huge fan of hostels. I find them usually sketchy and dirty.

So what do I use?? AirBnb of course!

AirBnb is not only the safest and most verified online lodging site, but is it also the cheapest. The houses and private rooms are already really moderately priced but you can also get extra $$ amounts off:

  • If you DON’T have an account already, you can use an affiliate code ( here is mine: ) to get $40 dollars off of your first stay…depending on where you are, that can actually buy you a whole lot of stuff/meals/happiness.
  • If you DO have an account already, you can create a new email account and use it to create a new AirBnb account and then use an affiliate code ( ). Now I am unsure on how many times you can do that without getting caught, but anything for some extra moola right?
  • Share your own link with friends and family once you have started using the account and every time someone joins with your code, you get $$ rewards to use on the site.

Hope this helps someone save some money!

Happy Traveling!


XOXO, Rutele.




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