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Happy Mondayy babes!

Today I am finally publishing my thoughts on the long awaited Jaclyn Hill X Morphe collaboration! This is a tutorial along with a chitty chatty review. I basically just discuss it as I do my makeup. If you would like to read about it, scroll on down.

This may be the most anticipated palette this year… Everyone has been waiting for this for months, basically ever since she was able to talk about it and give us some details about it. Even though we have been waiting patiently for a while, she has been working on this palette for much, much longer. It took her about two years to perfect each shade to her liking. Originally it was set to launch about a year ago, but Jaclyn kept re sending shades back to the lab and perfecting them. That in my opinion is amazing because it really shows how much she wanted this to be the dream palette.

MORPHE/Linda and Jaclyn have both discussed the use of new machines for the creation of the shadows. The new equipment was to double mill the shadows to make them more blendable and pigmented  (hallelujah because I hate the original MORPHE eyeshadows).

This is what the outside of the palette looks like. They strayed away  from the original MORPHE packaging which is usually black and plastic. This is made of light cardboard and the writing is metallic which does look really beautiful over the white packaging. The durability of this is not fabulous and it does get dirty so quickly but I can deal with that.


This is the inside of the palette. Just as a disclaimer, all of the picture posted here are not edited. The colors show true to what they are in real life. Here you can see the 35 shadows. This is an amazing mix of lights, darks, cools, warms and even some pops of color. I think the colors are really true to what Jaclyn Hill is all about. If you have seen her videos, you can see how she blends multiple closely related shadows to get the best diffusion. The color choices are also her to a t. She loves her warm browns lol


Here are some swatches. I barely touched the shadows and swiped them down my arm.


The palette retails for $38 which is roughly $1.08 which is extremely affordable. You can purchase is here.

My Thoughts:

I really do like this palette. The variety is amazing. The pigmentation is good. The blendability is perfect. I can really tell that they used new machines and really devoted a lot of time and effort into this one. The shadows feel very creamy and like mentioned before, they blend very nicely which is not the case with other MORPHE shadows and on a regular basis, who has hours to blend?? No one! The only thing is this has a decent amount of kickback but I personally do not care about that at all. Most of my shadows that blend like a dream have kickback.

I really hope that MORPHE continues to use the  new equipment and improves the makeup they already sell.

What did you think of this palette??

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XOXO, Rutele.

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