I gave MORPHE a Second Chance…My HONEST Review | Rutele

Hello my loves,

I have never been shy about how I feel about the brand due to my past experience. If you want to read my review from about a year ago it will be pasted below.

Today I am focusing on my second experience with MORPHE and I am revealing my finals thoughts…Will I ever purchase from here again? If you would like to watch my thoughts, click play, if you would like to read about it, scroll on down.

**I kept this as short as possible.

Past Review:


Basically I decided to give MORPHE a second chance only because Jaclyn Hill came out with a palette with them. Now she has done this in the past with the brand but it used to be just her picking out her favorite colors and slapping them into a palette. This time around she worked on each shade herself, the company bought new milling machines and the packaging is completely different from anything the brand has done…so I was intrigued. Really what pushed me to try the palette was the fact that they  used new machines which made me hopeful that the shadows could maybe be better. There of course was a price increase but MORPHE is so cheap that I didn’t mind that.

While ordering the palette I thought maybe I should take this opportunity to order some other things because I will never just on a whim order from there anyways. So I also picked up a beauty sponge, a brush and some disposable mascara wands.

Let’s start with shipping…now this time around my order was processed within days and the palette came to me within a week. This was crazy to me!! The last time I ordered it took two weeks to process and two weeks to get to me.  I think this time around they anticipated a lot of people buying the Jaclyn Hill palette so they were staffed appropriately.

The Jaclyn Hill x MORPHE Palette

Here is my demo and review on the palette. In short, here are my overall thoughts on this.

I really do like this palette. The variety is amazing. The pigmentation is good. The blendability is perfect. I can really tell that they used new machines and really devoted a lot of time and effort into this one. The shadows feel very creamy and like mentioned before, they blend very nicely which is not the case with other MORPHE shadows and on a regular basis, who has hours to blend?? No one! The only thing is this has a decent amount of kickback but I personally do not care about that at all. Most of my shadows that blend like a dream have kickback.


MORPHE Highlight and Contour Sponge

Here is my demo and review of the sponge.

I really like the thought process they had when designing this. I am obsessed with the sharp edge and also the flat edge. You can get a wide surface area, get into the nooks and crannies and cut a line so sharp that you can literally injure someone. Texture wise this is a bit harder than my ride or die Beauty Blender. Also just from using this a couple of times there are already dents and rips in this so you know what that means…it’s made out of very cheap material but I guess you can buy 3 of these for the price of one Beauty Blender. You give some and you take some.

MORPHE M510 Brush


Okay I will make this super quick. It was much bigger than what I expected it to be for being called a blender brush…It does not suit the eyes and I can only use this for highlighting my face. This does not smell as badly as the brushes that I order two years ago which is a huge relief. Over all the brush does seem to be of better quality but it sheds like nobodies business which generally means that it will not last me as long as a brush should. Boo!

My Thoughts:

I am extremely pleased with the Jaclyn Hill palette. It is phenomenal. Will they continue to double mill shadows like they did for this palette? I am not sure, if they do, the quality of their shadows will improve drastically, but no one really knows if that’s the path the company plans to take therefore I will still not be purchasing any other shadows from MORPHE. There are a million other brands who take care of their customers and produce better products for similar prices. The other items…I did not like so much but I honestly did not expect that to happen anyways. I do enjoy the sponge but its already falling apart from a week of use and the brush is constantly shedding. I have no words on the mascara wands because they are disposable anyways so no point on discussing that. Overall, I am not entirely pleased and if not for the Jaclyn Hill palette, I would have been just as upset as last time.

I honestly think there are much better brands for a similar price out there that provide good customer service and good return policy. Nothing says “We make crappy products” than a “no return” policy…It has always been a red flag and will continue to be.

I hate being negative Nancy but with so many people raving about how amazing MORPHE is I cannot sit here and just buy into the BS.

Let’s be Friends!!


XOXO, Rutele.

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