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Hi my loves!

If there is one thing I love more than traveling and makeup…it’s food.

Ubud is a fairly small town filled with international and delicious food, yoga and beautiful streets filled with shops. I must admit because of the food and yoga…I was utterly in love with my stay. The four days I spent here were so relaxing and yummy.

I did extensive research on the best restaurants around and since my AirBnb hosted a traditional Balinese BBQ I didn’t feel the need to try Balinese food so I was able to explore a variety of different flavors and cultures. Here are the TOP 3 restaurants that I fell in love with…

1. Kebun Bistro

This, my friends, was my favorite spot in town, because of the food and the occasion I chose to celebrate there. Before I made my to have this fancy dinner I did a lot of reflecting, during which I decided that I needed to be nicer to myself. I vowed to myself that I will love myself more than anyone ever could. I will respect myself more than anyone else ever could. I will treat myself better than anyone else ever could. I realized that I am all that I have and that I don’t want to settle for anything less than extraordinary. We all deserve these things but it has to come from within first and to celebrate this I put a dress that made feel beautiful and took a nice night stroll to this French style restaurant.

Here is how the restaurant describes itself…

Kebun, a charming Provencal-style bistro in downtown Ubud, offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a delightful atmosphere.
Its informal ambiance welcomes diners for lunch, afternoon coffee and cake, tapas, cocktails, dinner, post-postprandial coffee and dessert and late-night light dining between noon and midnight daily.

I started off with a nice glass of red wine which was later accompanied by the best escargot I have ever had. The classic escargot was sauteed in parsley garlic butter topped with bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese. This was truly to die for. For the actual dinner I had Duck Confit with local greens, sauteed mushrooms and green pepper sauce. To finish off the dinner I ordered the Moelleux au Chocolat which was a chocolate lava cake. This was served with a perfect strawberry sauce. I am a sucker for lava cake and it hit the spot just right. The restaurant has outside and inside seating and no matter where you are seated, the ambiance is super relaxed yet romantic. If I ever go back to Ubud I will for sure stop in here and have another romantic dinner all by myself. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the restaurant from the location, to the servers to the actual food.

It is a bit pricey but absolutely affordable.

If you would like any more information about the restaurant, click here.

2. ARANG Sate Bar

After walking around for hours looking for a bathing suit I was famished and definitely needed a drink. I feel like a good amount of the places I stopped in did not have a full bar but this gem did which really made me happy and it’s what got me to stay! Arang throws people off with it’s name and most people expect a warung style restaurant but this place is truly unique. It’s decorated with such a modern twist and its quite pleasing to the eye with all of the steel, glass, geometric shapes and Balinese tulikup temple brickwork. Food wise this restaurant offers a good variety of barbecue, Indonesian, healthy, vegetarian and vegan options.

As you can guess I started off my experience with a pear margarita, which by the way was delicious. You best believe I had a couple of them! I started off with some pork dumplings which were accompanied by a delicious and sweet sauce. Those were gone within seconds. The fish that I ordered was some kind of white fish (I forgot, I’m sorry!). It was served over a salsa and paired with a mash potato type of side dish. It was very well prepared. For dessert I got a crème brûlée that was topped with shaved coconut. I have read numerous reviews of how amazing their skewers are and I am kind of sad that I didn’t try them out! SO if you go, have some for me!

If you would like to check out their website, click here (it is under construction as of 3/9/18).

3. Spice

I met a local Indonesian in Ubud whom I spent some time with and I made sure to ask him about his recommendations for me when it came to food and he did bring this place up. This restaurant is actually quite well known by many locals. The chef, Chris Salans, who runs this also runs Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique which is deemed as one of the best dining experiences not only in Bali but the Asia as a whole. Spice serves food that is a combination of western culinary skills and Indonesian ingredients. Salans says its very important for him to base his creations on seasonal and local ingredients.

When I came in here it was a tad busy and because online said that reservations were not needed, I popped a squat at the bar. I actually really enjoyed my seat because from the bar you get to see a lot of the preparing and serving happen. The place itself is very cozy, quite small but full of light. The front of the restaurant is lined with windows so if you grab a table you have a very beautiful view of the street.

As always I started this off with a drink. I ordered the Passion- Lychee Margarita which to me looked like the most interesting combination of flavors. It was unique and beyond delicious. I actually really miss lychee…a lot. For my actual dinner I ordered the Stick Pork Ribs and boy did I make a fabulous choice. These ribs were the best I have ever had…it came with a bark and ginger glaze and I am drooling as I type this. Nothing I eat will ever compare to how soft, sweet and perfect these ribs were. They just fell off the bone. Of course I had to order desert as well and I went with the good ole Warm Baked Apple Pie. This was just as yummy as everything else that I ordered here.

Just as the other places mentioned, it’s a bit more expensive, but so worth it.

If you would like to browse the menu or read more about the restaurant, click here.


Honestly if you are ever in Ubud and want to spoil yourself, these are the places to do it at.

Have you ever been to Ubud? Did you fall in love with any restaurants??


XOXO, Rutele.



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