T-Michaels Steak and Lobster Restaurant in Naples Review | Rutele

What is better than steak, lobster and Moscow Mules?

Steak, Lobster and Moscow Mules from T-Michaels…that is the only applicable answer.

Today I wanted to review one of my favorite restaurants in the Southwest Florida area T-Michaels.

This place is perfect. Everything from the location, to the food to the staff is magnificent…and we all know how picky and opinionated I am. I have come back more than once, and will continue to do so.


T- Michaels is the perfect location to unwind and enjoy an early dinner as the sun sets, or to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy another day of this thing we call life. The restaurant sits right on the Venetian Bay which is what you see when you walk into the restaurant so the view is quite stunning.

The restaurant consists of three different sections: the dining room with the bay view, the bar/bar area and the cozy, open air Atrium.

This establishment specializes in USDA Prime Steaks and Whole Maine Lobsters.

Just like the bar is divided into different sections to suite different moods, so are the menus. The main dining room menu consists of steaks, lobsters, and fish dishes. They do have daily specials as well that highlight locally caught fish and fresh ingredients. You can browse their full menu here.

The bar menu has a vast selection of more affordable and quicker meals such as burgers.

The wine list they have is seriously beautiful and extensive (click here to see it).

As for liquor drinks, they have it all as well.

I am drooling as I type this dreaming of the next time I will make my way out there…


This is the dinner my best friend Lauren and I ordered. For drinks I ordered a Captain Morgan Moscow Mule and she had a glass of the Kim Crawford. For the actual dinner I ordered the 20oz Bone In Ribeye with Lobster and Lauren ordered the 10oz Filet Mignon with a demi glaze sauce. We shared two sides, the steamed asparagus and the twice baked stuffed potato which was beyond heavenly.

The steaks were extremely high quality, soft and juicy. Since I really enjoy steaks, for me it is very easy to tell how good a steak is from the texture and both the ribeye and the mignon were top notch. Both pieces of meat were also seasoned very well and cooked perfectly…which is super important for a high end restaurant. The lobster was to die for but I also feel like that is pretty bullet proof if the tail itself is fresh, which is was.

Did you think we would have skipped out on dessert? Ha! Good one! Lauren and I ordered the Bread Pudding and the Crème Brûlée. Both are fairly common desserts but nonetheless they were delicious and we basically licked the plates clean (word of advice, it’s frowned upon…don’t do what we did).


I can honestly say that I really have enjoyed myself every single time that I have come here. Ty and his staff are beyond perfect. He himself is there almost every night making sure to talk to everyone who comes in and accommodating everyone’s needs. He is so friendly and truly cares about his customers and their experiences. Everyone there honestly is very caring and good at their jobs.

The food is crafted with care and love from the moment i’ts ordered to the moment it’s delivered to the guests. I would highly recommend visiting this place if you are ever near by. You will not disappointed.


XOXO, Rutele.

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