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Hi babes,

The newest trend on the market for 2019 is using custom shampoos and conditioners for your hair…but when it comes to this whole ordeal I have some questions that keep lingering…

“Is it really custom?”

“Is it truly better for your hair?”

A couple months back a company called Formulate reached out to me to see if I wanted to create my own custom formula and try out their shampoo and conditioner duo. Since I have been curious for a while I happily agreed and started my experiment.

My journey to customized hair care began with a short survey.

The first set of questions were about my current hair color, thickness, moisture levels, texture, length and scalp sensitivity. The second set of questions were about the wants/goals that I have for my future hair. It gave me a list from which I was to choose my top 5 goals from which I selected color protection, length, strength, hydration and replenish hair. Then the survey went on to ask what kind of scent I would like and how strong I would want it to be.

After I answered all of those questions it showed me what my formula would consist of. For my particular wants and needs it narrowed the top ingredients to yeast extract, argan oil and saw palmetto.

Once the survey was complete the shampoo and conditioner took a few weeks to be made and sent out to me.

The Design:

This is what the shampoo and conditioner bottles look like. I am pleasantly surprised with the color scheme (white and navy) and simplicity of the design. They fit perfectly next to each other and aren’t too tall so I had no problem fitting them into my shower. The bottles come with screw tops but the box did include two pumps so you can choose which dispensing technique you want to use. The most unique aspect that truly wowed me of the packaging is the braile that is printed on the bottles so that blind persons can know which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner.

The Actual Product:

I truly have been enjoying the formula of the shampoo and the conditioner and I have been a Pureology user for years so my expectations were high. The shampoo is light, lathers fairly well, does not strip my hair of all moisture and does a beautiful job of cleansing. The conditioner does a swell job of moisturizing and making my hair feel sleek and frizz free.

The best part is that the duo is cruelty free and the formula is free of

  • Preservatives
  • Sulfate
  • Parabens

The only problem that I ran into with this product was the smell. The first time around I selected “Verdant” which I expected to smell super fresh and clean but instead it smelled way too much of lilies and woodiness (so if you like flowers and woodiness, this is the one for you). When I reached out to the company they were super concerned and suggested that I try the “Green with Envy” smell which I am glad they did because this smell is exactly what I wanted. It’s light and airy and just the perfect smell for my shampoo and conditioner.

The price of this duo is $49 or you can purchase one of the bottles for $29.

The Results:

Have I seen all the results that I have been promised? Realistically, no, but I have seen some changes that are positive.

  1. My hair color has not been stripped and is staying vibrant.
  2. My hair has grown dramatically.
  3. My hair feels like it has been breaking less and less.
  4. My hair doesn’t feel like it has more hydration but it has been consistently sleek and frizz free.
  5. My hair does not feel like it has been replenished.

Overall Opinion:

Should you try this product yourself? ABSOLUTELY yes. I love this new trend of personalizing every item for your specific needs and I think shampoo and conditioner is very necessary to specify because our hair is not always in need of just one thing like volume or moisture (which is what we are used to when it comes to hair care). I can say with certainty that we all need multiple benefits to come from our products and something like this has the ability to satisfy more than just one of them.

I love the shape of the bottles, the extra thought that they put into the design, the formula and final smell that I received.


I teamed up with the company so that you can have the chance to win a set for yourself to try! I get no commission and this is not sponsored. I just wanted to find a way for you to try the product without having to spend any money! Enter the giveaway below:

Formula Hair Review

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XOXO, Rutele.

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