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I bet you never knew that your skin technically has immunity just like the rest of your body does…well, now you do! Skin’s immunity is composed of things such as:

  • aquaporin 9
  • aquaporin 3
  • amino acids
  • collagen
  • filaggrin

Aquaporin is responsible for aiding water flow to the lower levels of your skin which helps strengthen the barrier function and help your skin retain moisture. As you age it starts to wither away.

Amino acids are responsible for pushing water down your skin barrier. As you age, amino acids combine with sugar and create a flat, dull and sunken appearance of the skin.

Collagen is responsible for regenerating the skin and keeping it fine line/wrinkle free. As you age collagen starts depleting.

Filaggrin is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. It binds proteins together and acts almost like a glue to maintain a strong surface structure and firmness. As you age filaggrin breaks down.

As you see these five fighters protect your skin from damage and keep it healthy, soft, glowy and hydrated. The longer you can maintain them at tip top shape the better.

So now that you know what skin’s immunity is you may be wondering how does one strengthen it and keep it in tip top shape even as you age…well I have the answer for you!

It’s True Botanicals newest skin serum! The Chebula Active Immunity Serum!

Chebula Active Immunity Serum


A hydrating anti-aging serum that strengthens the skin’s immunity to prevent, protect and correct all signs of aging. Chebula, an ayurvedic and the most bioactive and powerful antioxidant the skincare world has ever seen, corrects aging five ways: minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, smoothing roughness, firming, and brightening. A potent concentration of immunity-building antioxidants including elderberry, ginger and echinacea absorb deep to nourish and fortify the skin so it can defend against outside aggressors and prevent the effects of aging on skin. Skin is left hydrated, glowing, and more youthful looking.

Chebula Active Immunity Serum

Key Ingredients:

  • Chebula
  • Ginger
  • Elderberry
  • Echinacea
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Key Benefits:

Chebula is one of the most bioactive and potent full spectrum anti-inflammatory and cascading antioxidant ingredients that the skincare world has ever seen. True Botanicals is the first skincare brand in the world to use this multi-targeted, super anti-aging ingredient in the new Chebula Active Immunity Serum. Following are the key attributes that enable Chebula to prevent, protect and correct all five signs of aging–singularly doing what historically would require multiple ingredients.

PREVENTS and PROTECTS Against Stressors that Cause Skin Aging: IT’S THE “PHOENIX RISING IN THE ASHES” ANTIOXIDANT : Most antioxidants dissipate throughout the day because they are consumed when they fight a free radical. However, Chebula is a cascading antioxidant, which means once it’s done fighting a free radical, it reacts by taking a new form that can fight the next free radical, and the next, and the next – without losing the ability to defend and protect your skin. Chebula boasts the highest ORAC antioxidant score – 60% greater than acai and 1,425% greater than pomegranate!

IT’S ONE OF THE MOST BIOACTIVE NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES: 60% of Chebula is bioactive, while most natural fruit sources are only around 10% bioactive. This particularly high percentage of bioactive Chebulinic and Chebulagic acids are able to penetrate the upper levels of the skin and intercept oxidative stress before it can trigger inflammation – which is the root cause of aging on the skin.

Chebula Active Immunity Serum

Corrects 5 Signs of Aging:

  1. It heals roughness and dryness: Chebula boosts aquaporin 9 and aquaporin 3 to help water flow properly through the lower levels of your skin, strengthening barrier function and helping your skin retain moisture
  2. It brightens & plumps dull skin: Glycation happens as we age–it’s when amino acids in your skin combine with sugar and create a flat, dull and sunken appearance of the skin. Chebula is a potent glycation inhibitor: it breaks that chain from happening to give way to brighter, plumper skin.
  3. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles: Chebula boosts collagen and reduces collagen degradation which is known to help with fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. It evens skin tone: Chebula is proven to inhibit and break up uneven distribution of melanin, reducing hyperpigmentation and helping even skin tone.
  5. It improves skin elasticity & firmness: One of the root causes of skin sagging is the breakdown of filaggrin beneath the skin’s surface. Filaggrin binds proteins together, almost acting like glue to maintain a strong surface structure and firmness. Chebula boosts filaggrin to improve overall firmness, elasticity and skin health.

I know, that’s a lot of information but skin is so important. It’s our biggest organ and we, very often, leave it neglected. Don’t be that person anymore!

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Thank you for reading! XOXO, Rutele.

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