Ah…a new release and here I am, buying it!

VIEVE (owned by Jamie Genevieve) came out with new makeup…sunset blushes to be exact and when I saw the color pesca, I couldn’t resist, even though I very rarely wear blush. While on the website my hand slipped and somehow I managed to add a modern lip definer and a modern matte lipstick to my cart. YIKES. I know.

So naturally today I unbox my VIEVE package with you and show you the goodies!!

You can watch the video below or scroll on down and read all about the products I got.


Let’s start with the item that started it all. Like I mentioned before, I rarely wear blush, but when I saw this color I knew I had to have it. Something about peachy blushes just gets me.

This is a satin blusher with a high colour pay off but with finely milled pigment and a subtle sheen. It’s said to be easily buildable and blendable.

The formula is

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

I personally think this is truly such a universal color that would look perfect on everyone. On me it looks so natural and brings a tad bit of life into my face. You know winter has done a number on me so its nice to add a little of bit of color to my face without looking like Im wearing a ton of blush. This will also pair very well if I ever get a tan.

The formula is beyond magnificent. It’s pigmented but don’t fret, if you get too much on your face just blend it out. It diffuses so well. It has a tiny bit of kickback but I would rather have that than a stiff product that won’t blend.

On top of it all the packaging is chefs kiss. The faux leather with the gold is a dream come true. The mirror inside is very sturdy and clear. The magnetic closure ensures peace of mind knowing the product wont get destroyed if tossed in a makeup bag.

There are a total of 5 shades:

  • PESCA is a soft peach (an ode to Jamie’s love of peachy cheeks) that feels fresh and youthful. It is the lightest shade that will add an understated warmth to paler complexions. 
  • CHERUB is a warm pink plucked straight from the cheeks of a cherub in a renaissance painting. It’s a universal colour that Jamie loves to also apply over the nose for a sun-kissed look. 
  • SORBET is like a makeup palette cleanser: a bold and bright coral that instantly perks up the complexion. Beautiful when built up on medium and deep skin tones or washed gently over fairer skin. 
  • PIAZZA is an antique rose, designed to mimic that sun-kissed flush you get after a lazy day in the sun. Jamie recommends blending Piazza into your bronzer for a warmth that anyone can wear. 
  • MALBEC melds deep berry and burgundy tones, like your favourite full-bodied glass of red. Stunning on deep and cooler toned skin, the purple in Malbec will lift and add depth to your look. 

These retail for £23 and you can get it here:

I would give this 10/10.


Next were moving on to the lip liner. I will be honest, I had stopped using liners but said what the heck let me order one just in case I’ll ever feel like using one. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I did.

The formula is

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

This is such a dreamy formula. Creamy but waxy. I don’t have to worry that it will bleed all over or that it will smear but it still glides on the lips with no tugging. The color is epic as well. It’s the lightest of all of the liners but is still darker than my lips. It blends perfectly with the lipstick and lasted pretty well when I wore it all day.

The packaging is very sleek and would display beautifully if you chose to keep it out. It is a wooden pencil so you will have to sharpen but I actually prefer that.

There are a total of 5 shades:

  • VELVET SANDS: Your everyday go-to liner. A light neutral beige for barely there definition that perfectly accentuates your lips. 
  • BRAT: This perfect, pinky brown adds impact and attitude to lips, for those that want their lips but better. Wear alone with a balm to define or with a lip colour for a perfect pout.
  • BARK: A deep natural brown able to create maximum definition and volume. Ideal for those looking to channel an iconic 90’s lip.
  • RUMOUR: A warm, honey-hued brown for a deeper, sophisticated shade. Pair with your favourite lipstick to create a richer, more luxurious tone.
  • TAILORED: Cool chestnut brown with sassy purple undertones, bring out your mischievious side with a bold statement lip.

These retail for £15 and you can get it here:

I would give this a 10/10.


Last but not least, the lipstick. This is a matte but creamy and powerfully pigmented nude lipstick. It’s supposed to be silky and moisturizing but never flat or dry.

The formula is:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

The formula is good, starts out a bit stiff but warms up as you use it. I will say that if your lips are dry you should either exfoliate or use a lot of lip balm before you use this. It for sure accentuated the texture. The color is to die for. My perfect nude for sure. It blends so well with the liner and this combo is dreamy. It also wore very well during the day and I didn’t really notice it separating or being patchy at the end of the day.

The packaging is stunning, just like with the other items. It’s that same faux leather with gold accents. The lipstick case is magnetic which I love because it ensures I won’t have to worry about this smearing around if its bumped in my makeup bag.

There are a total of 5 shades:

  • VIEVE: Jamie’s true nude – a soft beige that is as understated as it is elegant.
  • TREASURE: A pretty, peachy beige, perfect to lift and add warmth to lighter complexions.
  • NINETEASE:  Cool brown with endless attitude and a definitive 90s feel.
  • COMIN IN HAUTE: A sophisticated, powerfully feminine deep peach.
  • POWERSUIT: Bold, beautiful, burnt orange in tribute to the confidence of a 70s career woman. 

These retail for £19 and you can get it here:

I would give this an 8/10.


I truly am obsessed with all of the three items that I got. They are absolutely going to be staples in my makeup routine from now on. The colors, the blendability, the wearability and the packaging are all more than I could have expected. If you have been eyeing this and were unsure I would say press the trigger. You won’t regret it.




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Thank you for reading! XOXO, Rutele.

DISCLAIMER: Although some of the links listed above are affiliate and I do make a small commission, all of the opinions are 100% my own.

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