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I am sure of the fact that I can’t be the only one who has seen ads for Purple left and right. Nothing new has come out ever since memory foam hit the market so to be honest ever since I saw that honeycomb design I was intrigued. I finally got my hands on the Purple Harmony Pillow and the Purple Soft Stretch sheets and I so ready to share what I know with you!

If you would like to watch a review you can click the YouTube link and skip to 2:15 or scroll on down to read all about it.

the purple harmony pillow

Let’s start with the pillow. I personally ordered the tall 7.5″ one because I am soooo a side sleeper. First out of the box I was surprised with the weight of it and how flexible it was. The nerd in me was fired up.

The main components of this pillow are:

  • 360º Purple Grid™ Hex
  • Hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core
  • Moisture-wicking cooling cover

The Grid Hex technology allows for continuous airflow through over 1500 open air channels which help you keep a cool head through the night (the breeze mesh covers helps with airflow and coolness as well). The hex also adapts head and neck for personalized, premium comfort. This pillow is said to be incredibly durable and non‑toxic.

My experience with the pillow has been chefs kiss honestly. At first I was skeptical. I am weary of trying anything new but I knew deep down that this has to be better than any pillow that falls flat after a year of use which all of my previous pillows have done. I found this to be extremely comfortable and I have never woken up with a kink in my neck. I even let my boyfriend try this baby out and he loves it just as much. He is always hot and sweaty through the night but that hasn’t been an issue lately.

You can purchase the pillow here for $159.


Now moving on to the sheets. I did order a queen since I have a queen mattress and the set came with a 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases which is super standard. I picked out the natural oat color which is a grayish nude color. I am super used to white sheets but I figured I would switch things up and I will say that I have loved the color. It’s a super pretty contrast against my white comforter. It gives my bed a little bit more dimension.

These sheets are said to be:

  • Luxuriously Soft and Stretchy
  • Cool and Refreshing
  • Durable

I will say that these are the softest sheets ever…like ever…even my boyfriend noticed and commented on that. I do agree that they feel super luxuriously soft and stretchy. I really appreciate how these sheets stretch over the mattress but don’t confine it. I can now fully enjoy the actual benefits of my mattress. WOOHOO. Another huge component that I really enjoy is that these are made from mostly bamboo.

Overall I do really like these sheets and I can tell they will last for forever.

You can purchase the sheets here for $149.


I first of all want to say that I did a lot of research before even thinking about trying these products out. I have been on a sustainability journey for a while now and I want to make sure that I only support companies that fit the bill.

After a thorough deep dive into the company and trying their products out I can say that Purple creates high quality and durable products which I can for sure stand behind. I love knowing that I will recommend someone a lifelong item and the sheets, like I mentioned earlier, are mostly made from bamboo which is an extremely sustainable material which also makes me feel good.

Both product are truly very innovative and work together like a dream. I will mention that I know these both can seem a bit expensive but knowing that you will never have to repurchase makes up for the initial investment. You will absolutely save money in the long run.

If you would like to browse the site you can click here and by using the code rutabauzaite10 you will save 10% OFF.

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Thank you for reading! XOXO, Rutele.

DISCLAIMER: Although some of the links listed above are affiliate and I do make a small commission, all of the opinions are 100% my own.

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