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Ah good ole CBD. For the past seven years I have dealt with very high anxiety/stress. It started in college and once you have one episode it kind of never goes away. From childhood my mother relied on natural remedies to cure almost everything so pharmaceutical have never been something I was interested in. I knew I had to find a way to try and minimize my issues naturally.

When CBD hit the market and I researched all of the benefits it can provide, I dove right in. In case you don’t already know, CBD has the following benefits (just to list a few):

  • Provides pain relief (chronic and arthritis)
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps treat acne and psoriasis

I have been taking CBD vitamins and oils for a while now and they they truly have done wonders on my mind, body and soul. I love to see it incorporated into a million different products but is a face oil one of them?

When I found out True Botanicals was coming out with a face oil with CBD in it I was over the moon. I knew I wanted to get my hands on it ASAP and see if it does all the things they claim it will.

I have been testing this gem for about a month now and I have all of the juicy details for you.

If you know you love CBD and would like to try this before you even read about my experience, you can get it here. If it’s your first time shopping with True Botanicals you can get 15% off your entire order.

First let’s start with some information on the product and the claims.


True Botanicals CBD500 Anti-Inflammaging Face Oil

True Botanicals claims that this is a:

A luxury face oil that includes a concentrated dose of potent, full spectrum CBD that helps reduce inflammaging and soothes stressed skin for a gorgeous, youthful glow. Each bottle is packed with 500mg of the finest full spectrum organic CBD to help with various signs of inflammation such as irritation, redness and stressed, sensitive skin.

The key ingredients are as follows:

true botanicals cbd oil

Full Spectrum CBD 500mg

A blend of CBD, fatty acids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and even a small amount of THC* work synergistically together to help reduce inflammation and optimize the benefits on the skin.

true botanicals cbd oil


Squalane is one of nature’s most powerful and biocompatible hydrators that smoothes the look of wrinkles and soothes your dehydrated skin barrier. With this highly-effective emollient and natural antioxidant you are able to balance uneven skin tone, instantly hydrate and lock in essential moisture for healthier-looking skin.

true botanicals cbd oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Our Sea Buckthorn oil is very unique and extracted from the berries of sea buckthorn grown wild in Tibet. This oil works with the CBD to help enhance the benefits on skin. This formula provides potent omega fatty acids to help improve skin barrier and address the effects of skin aging.


Before I get into the nitty gritty I would like to discuss how I have been using it. Because it is CBD I basically strictly use it at night time. I get pretty sleepy and hungry after most CBD products so just to be sure I’m alert all day night time use makes the most sense. It’s like a little night time spa routine for me. If I have any crazy redness during the day say from a break out or my period I will spot treat with this oil. I cleanse my face, apply a serum and apply the oil. Most times I use anywhere from a half to a full dropper depending on what I have done to my skin in the past couple of days. For example if I exfoliate my skin it needs a little more TLC so I will use more.

The oil itself is the perfect texture. It’s silky smooth, glides on like a dream and soaks in so effortlessly. I don’t feel the need to vigorously rub it in. It leaves my skin wonderfully hydrated and glowy.

One of my favorite attributes is that it doesn’t really smell like CBD, which I will say is hard to get right. To me it smells like a citrus garden in early spring. The perfect scent if you ask me. This aspect is key to making sure everyone can use this product.

Now let’s get on to how I feel about the oil and what it actually has done for me personally. Honestly I love my skin care night routine even more thanks to this. Evenings have always been a time for me to wind down but ever since I started using this I feel like I am achieving that more efficiently and faster. As soon as the oil comes into contact with my skin I feel a sense of calmness and stress release. It’s that extra goodness I needed to really destress and shed everything from the day. It does wonders to any redness or inflammation that I may have from time to time, especially during the time of month. The scent is so freaking yummy and pairs really well with the original True Botanical skin care items. I think adding CBD to a face oil is genius. Even though you can do a lot of work from the inside by consuming CBD, applying it topically as well just allows the healing process to be a well rounded process.

So to answer my original question, yes, this oil is worth $120. 10/10 would recommend this oil to everyone. If you want to be more relaxed, sleep better and feel better, this is the oil for you.

You can purchase it here.


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Thank you for reading! XOXO, Rutele.

DISCLAIMER: Although some of the links listed above are affiliate and I do make a small commission, all of the opinions are 100% my own.


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