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I grew up in a small town surrounded by lush green forrest and you may be wondering why in the heck am I telling you that…well it’s where my love for plants and nature started. I always felt safe and alive around greenery so when it came to living on my own I knew I wanted to replicate that as much as I could. I basically want to live in the wilderness without living in the real wilderness and the path to that is house plants/herbs.

In my youth I killed many cacti and succulents so initially I was worried about keeping plants alive. I started with a couple. Once I saw that I could handle those I started buying more and more and more. Once I saw that I could keep house plants alive I dove into herbs. Two years later and my collection has grown to 30+ plants.

I will be honest, you don’t need a million tools to take care of your houseplants but over the years I have discovered a few that not only simplifies the process but looks good in the meantime.

Below are the items I will be discussing:

All items are from so you can use the code GARDEN25 for $25 off your $125 purchase.



Let’s begin with basically the most essential item, a watering can. Your plants will need to be watered anywhere from everyday if you are growing herbs or about every 5-7 days if you are growing houseplants. You can obviously get any watering can that you would like but I happen to love this one and its versatility. The overall design and color is obviously very visually pleasing. This is kind of where the versatility lies for me. It’s not only functional but it also serves as a decoration. I will admit the look of it is what initially caught my eye but its the size and the spout that really sealed the deal.

If I have learned anything in the two years of hardcore plant loving it that you need to water your plants slowly. The slower you pour the water the more time the soil and roots will have to soak up the actual water before it runs straight through. A small and long spout like this takes care of that.

This can holds about 2.5L of water (80oz) which for me waters about 15 plants so I only have to refill it twice to water everything that I take care of. I feel like its the perfect size to comfortably carry it around full of water and not have to constantly refill.

You can purchase it here!



The second thing that I think everyone needs is a little gardening shovel (what I call it lol). This is actually called a trowel. This one specifically caught my eye because of the sustainably harvested ash hardwood handle. It’s very hard to find sustainable tools since it’s not something that is mass produced like clothes so most people don’t really think twice about where the components come from. I also really love how this one looks and performs. It’s the perfect weight and shape. For a very long time I just used my hands but that way gets so messy, so quickly. To avoid wasting so much soil and having to clean up afterwards I purchased this baby and I have never looked back.

You can purchase it here.


So the next two items can be interchangeable depending on your preferences and needs. I personally think both were important for me due to the differences in size between plants and herbs (especially babies that are growing from seeds).

I have used regular scissors for a long time and until I got really into gardening I didn’t think I was causing any harm but in reality I was and not to just the plant but myself. Regular scissors aren’t intended to be used with force so you can break the scissors and damage your own hand by having to use great force. Secateurs, and these in particular are super precise and sharp so they will cut through even woody stems. Less damage for the plant and less damage for my hand. I don’t have to use immense force. This just kind of glides through the plant with very minimal damage. The more even the cut, the easier it is for the plant to heal it. I also love the 8″ size of these. They feel very great in the hand and can be used to cut wider brands or stems.

Another problem with household scissors is that they aren’t sharp or small enough. With specific plants you can ruin the vessels running through a plant that transport water in order for them to make food by cutting them with a dull pair. Household scissors can also be too bulky to get right into small crevices where you need to chop. These little 4.8″ scissors are perfect for small and precise jobs.

Access what kind of jobs/plants you use your scissors for and decide if shears or plant scissors are the best option for you.

You can purchase the secateurs here!

You can purchase the scissors here!



Twine was not something I ever thought I would need but boy was I wrong. Now initially I got this because I wanted to make some macrame hangers for my plants but later discovered that sometimes your plants need some extra support. I have used this twine to tie up my Monstera to a moss pole to help guide it up it. This not only helps it grow aerial roots around the moss pole but also promotes the growth of bigger leaves. I have tied up my Audrey Ficus as well to bamboo poles to guide it to grow straight instead of to the sides. The stems are a bit thin at the moment so tying it to the poles should help it grow thicker and stand up on its own eventually.

My favorite part of this twine is the stand to be honest. I love that it has a cutter because I always forget to bring my scissors when I work with it. I love how aesthetically pleasing it is as well. I don’t need to hide it away in a box somewhere in the closet and go searching for it every time I need to use it.

I am obsessed with the fact that the stand is crafted of oak from managed forests and the twine itself is made of 100% natural jute twine. Like I mentioned earlier, sustainability is hard to find with items like this so when I can feel good about buying something, I do.

You can purchase it here.



I will be transparent and say that I had no idea what these were until quite recently. Once I started growing herbs and trying to grown an avocado tree from the nut I started looking into the best vessels to house them. This is how I found these.

There are three different types of frogs. One is used to help aid in propagation. So this one is perfect to put in the avocado seed or an onion. You can also use it to prop up a plant stem you are propagating.

The other two are used to basically keep flower arrangements up and in certain positions. Have you ever seen just the most perfect bouquets and you can’t figure out why yours never look as good? Well its because you didn’t use a place holder essentially.

I think these are a brilliant idea and for some reason a very well hidden secret. I am glad I was able to find out the mystery behind perfection lol. If you don’t really care about the flower arrangement frogs the site also has just germination plates that you can get here.

If you want all three frogs, you can get them here.

All in all I am obsessed with all of the goodies from They have everything from plants to dried bouquets to vases to gardening tools to kitchen goods to chairs. They not only provide amazing quality items but also care about sustainability and preserving the earth. The site is very transparant which brings me much joy.

If I could buy everything from there I would.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all of the gardening must haves and snag at-least one beautiful yet versatile goody that will make your life easier.

Like I mentioned before, you can use the code GARDEN25 for $25 off your $125 order on


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Thank you for reading! XOXO, Rutele.

DISCLAIMER: Although some of the links listed above are affiliate and I do make a small commission, all of the opinions are 100% my own.

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