NO BS Skincare Honest Review | Rutele

Hi everyone, USA is pretty crap about banning harmful ingredients in skin care (and everything else) so I decided to take matters into my own hands because cancers, hormonal imbalances and rashes are no joke. I take my health pretty seriously so I shouldn’t take what I put on my skin and hair lightly. ForContinue reading “NO BS Skincare Honest Review | Rutele”

Super Long Hair Super Fast | Rutele

Hey babes! My hair is my pride and joy and I love it when its healthy and shiny. Lately I have been trying different methods to make my hair grow faster and some of them actually work! Today I am sharing with you my top methods and products that not only speed up the growthContinue reading “Super Long Hair Super Fast | Rutele”

PUR Festival Palette First Impressions | Rutele

Hey babes! I finally sat down and played with the new PUR Festival Pressed Pigment Palette! Today I show you how it performs, how it swatches and I tell you my final thoughts! Is this worth $36 or nah? I also show you how to create a simple yet glittery festival look for all theContinue reading “PUR Festival Palette First Impressions | Rutele”

Is JEFFREE STAR Lying?? Elf Poreless Putty Primer VERSUS Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer | Rutele

Hey babes, FINALLY! I was finally able to get my hands on the Elf Poreless Putty Primer since it has been sold our ever since Jefree Star did a review of it and said it was a Tatcha Silk Canvas dupe… I put that to the test today. Is the Elf Primer actually a dupeContinue reading “Is JEFFREE STAR Lying?? Elf Poreless Putty Primer VERSUS Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer | Rutele”

Personalized Hair Care?? Does It Work? | Rutele

Hi babes, The newest trend on the market for 2019 is using custom shampoos and conditioners for your hair…but when it comes to this whole ordeal I have some questions that keep lingering… “Is it really custom?” “Is it truly better for your hair?” A couple months back a company called Formulate reached out toContinue reading “Personalized Hair Care?? Does It Work? | Rutele”