Do I REGRET My Finger Tattoo??!? | Rutele

LETS GET SOCIAL: Finger tattoos…how irresponsible…how wild. Today I talk about the very taboo subject of finger tattoos. Do I regret mine?? Did it hurt? How did I pick what I wanted? Who did it?!? I thought of every question you could possibly have and answered it. I hope this helps in your decisionContinue reading “Do I REGRET My Finger Tattoo??!? | Rutele”


How many times have you heard a guy tell you “You’re too good for me”?! Yeah, same, like a million times…but what do they really mean by that?? I polled my guy and girl followers on instagram and combined all the answers for you so we all can learn about what the hell it standsContinue reading “LET’S CHIT CHAT ABOUT MEN | Rutele”


I have struggled with anxiety for years now but I refuse to be written prescriptions and be attached to pharma medicine so I am always seeking alternative healing methods. Months ago I decided to take the plunge and try out the Persona Nutrition CBD vitamins which means today I bring to you my final thoughts.Continue reading “PERSONA NUTRITION CBD PILLS…DO THEY EVEN WORK? | Rutele”

TATTOO TOUR (wrist, finger, back, forearm) | Rutele

Welcome to my TRUE LIFE: Im addicted to tattoos lol…since everyone is home just chilling I figured I would sit down and do a tattoo tour! I’ve gotten quite a few over the past couple of years and I love how each one of them describes who I am and what I am all about.Continue reading “TATTOO TOUR (wrist, finger, back, forearm) | Rutele”

THE SILL PLANT REVIEW (My honest opinion) | Rutele

I decided that it was time to nurture something, so you know it only made sense to start buying plants. After careful research I picked The Sill as my one stop shop and today I wanted to share with you my experience. They are through and through the most recommended plant online seller but areContinue reading “THE SILL PLANT REVIEW (My honest opinion) | Rutele”