Thailand, Thailand, Thailand…what a stunning country with even more stunning beaches. Months before my trip I spent numerous hours carefully crafting what I wanted to see and do in Thailand. Little did I think of… View Full Post


I knew that Bali had amazing beaches but I really did not expect it to be quite like this… When I decided to head on over to Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Penida I had very… View Full Post

If you love the great outdoors, this is an absolute must for you. When deciding where to go while in Thailand I was very drawn to it’s nature. I thrive in minimally developed areas where… View Full Post

I can whole heartedly say that Singapore stole my heart from the moment that I stepped out of the plane. The airport was extravagant and spot less (it seriously looks like a top notch mall).… View Full Post

Well…well…well…it wouldn’t be a day in my life if I didn’t get lost, get wet or nearly die a couple of times.   I want to start this off by giving you normal directions. I… View Full Post