I really do not believe that today could have been more perfect… When I set my eyes on Bali I knew I wanted my days to be relaxing and what better way to relax than… View Full Post


If you love the great outdoors, this is an absolute must for you. When deciding where to go while in Thailand I was very drawn to it’s nature. I thrive in minimally developed areas where… View Full Post

I can whole heartedly say that Singapore stole my heart from the moment that I stepped out of the plane. The airport was extravagant and spot less (it seriously looks like a top notch mall).… View Full Post

Well…well…well…it wouldn’t be a day in my life if I didn’t get lost, get wet or nearly die a couple of times.   I want to start this off by giving you normal directions. I… View Full Post

Here is a little sneak peak of what the night markets in Chiang Mai look like!! They are super busy with literally everything you could ever want! It’s a shoppers dream! The hours of operation… View Full Post