Do I REGRET My Finger Tattoo??!? | Rutele

LETS GET SOCIAL: Finger tattoos…how irresponsible…how wild. Today I talk about the very taboo subject of finger tattoos. Do I regret mine?? Did it hurt? How did I pick what I wanted? Who did it?!? I thought of every question you could possibly have and answered it. I hope this helps in your decisionContinue reading “Do I REGRET My Finger Tattoo??!? | Rutele”

TATTOO TOUR (wrist, finger, back, forearm) | Rutele

Welcome to my TRUE LIFE: Im addicted to tattoos lol…since everyone is home just chilling I figured I would sit down and do a tattoo tour! I’ve gotten quite a few over the past couple of years and I love how each one of them describes who I am and what I am all about.Continue reading “TATTOO TOUR (wrist, finger, back, forearm) | Rutele”