Samantha Barnett

I’ve known Ruta for a long time, so to be quite honest, I did not even consider looking at other makeup artists. Even so, Ruta was extremely professional through out the whole thing, understood what it was I wanted even though I did not use the right vocabulary, and made me feel amazing. My bridesmaids would all agree. I let them wear whatever style they wanted and Ruta was able to accommodate all of them. My mother and aunt do not usually wear much makeup and were concerned with looking over done, but Ruta made their natural look GLOW without having them wear more than they were comfortable with. As for how she saved the day: my friend was supposed to do my hair but her plane was delayed by more than a day and she only just made it in time for the ceremony. Ruta did not even hesitate to help me do my hair and ensure it looked perfect. I could not name a more dedicated person to their client’s happiness than Ruta. She worked over 7 hours on 7 women with different tastes and made us all feel stunning. Aside from her dedication, she is a wonderful conversationalist and had us all cracking up and relaxed as we took our turns in her chair. When I was stressed about any detail, she was able to talk me through it and remind me that my wedding day was about celebration. All of this is without mentioning how affordable her services were. Ruta was integral to my wedding day and I am so honored to have her as a friend. I cannot recommend her enough!