Rutele knows quality. You are a representation of her work and trust me she will make that obvious for you will be her canvas. I found out about Rutele from my wedding photographer during my engagement photo sessions. I did my own makeup and looked good, but I knew for my wedding I wanted the best results. I am a “natural” makeup wearer. I don’t like bold, I don’t crazy makeup statements but I wanted more of a subtle look. I looked at her Instagram, checked out her youtube and was impressed by the makeup statements and looks she had created, but at first was unsure but decided to contact her.
Her pricing was very reasonable and she asked that I first do a trial run with her so I could get an idea of how I wanted to look for my wedding. She spent about two hours carefully mastering the picture I brought in and was honest about what would work and the techniques that would look questionable on me. I loved that about her. She was efficient, clean, and used her own products which was a plus because it lasted all night long. Through rain, sweat, dancing, people touching me, …my wedding night! She really made me feel beautiful.